Prince Albert’s Gord Broda won the Pegasus Project custom-built muscle car after placing the highest bid at the Barrett-Jackson collector car auction on Friday, with proceeds going to STARS.

The 1968 Ford Mustang 427 Fastback sold for $1 million USD, after Broda chased the price up from $900,000.

The Mustang spent the summer touring around Saskatchewan before heading to Scottsdale, Arizona for the auction.

The money raised from the sale will help fund the STARS’ fleet renewal — something Broda and his wife Barb are passionate about.

“They have a need for growing their helicopter fleet and Barb and I are people that really believe STARS is an important part of our provincial community,” Broda told CTV News. “They do terrific work and we wanted to throw some support behind it.”

Barb added that because Saskatchewan is small, any accident that happens touches everybody.

“There’s such a small degree of separation between everyone in our province,” she said. “So, every accident, every bad thing, every incident that happens in the province is connected to somebody.”

Broda is known for his philanthropy. He bought the charity truck “Snakebit” for $450,000 in 2014 to raise money for the Jim Pattison Children’s Hospital Foundation.

He is the president of the Broda Group of companies, has served on the board of directors for the Heavy Construction Association of Saskatchewan and SaskPower, and is the president of the Prince Albert Raiders Hockey Club.

“Barb and I are people that have spent our whole life working in our province. We’re certainly proud of our province and want to do what we can, do our part to support the province and continue to make it a great place to live,” Broda said.

Broda added that he is not only happy to make the donation, he is also happy to bring the car back to the province.

“It’s a gorgeous, beautiful car,” he said. “We know Byron who was the builder of the car and know all of the fantastic work he does.”

The car was unveiled in November in Las Vegas at the SEMA Show, another popular auto event, by Saskatoon‘s Kim Coates, an actor who is well-known for his role in the Sons of Anarchy television series.

Along with the classic car, Broda is also getting a bass guitar from Saskatoon-based Dingwall Guitars which has supplied the instruments to bands like Duran Duran, Genesis and Lee Sklar.

“The guitar is very cool. Barb and I are both music lovers as far as enjoying music, but we’re not great musicians but our two sons seem to want to pick away at the guitar from time to time so I’m sure they’ll have some fun with it,” Broda said.

The Pegasus Project was started by a group of Saskatchewan automotive enthusiasts in 2019 to raise money for STARS Air Ambulance in response to the Humboldt Broncos bus crash in April 2018.

“It was an emotional day for so many people across this country and it was emotional for our family too and we just thought what a great way to raise money,” said Vaughn Wyant, co-chair of the Pegasus Project.

“We’re helping a lot of people that we’ll never meet and they’re in desperate need in a moment and that’s the one thing that the Humboldt bus crash lets us remember. Not just the 16 young lives that were lost in that bus, but how important STARS and organizations with first responders are.”

Humboldt Broncos bus crash survivor Kaleb Dahlgren donated a portion of the proceeds from his book Crossroads, which was released in March 2021, to the STARS Pegasus Project.

People are still able to donate to the Pegasus Project through its website. Donate now!