Power Generation

Industrial Machine & Mfg. Inc. offers versatile solutions for the hydroelectric industry, excelling in crafting and rehabilitating crucial components. Here’s a concise overview:

  • Head cover, Operating, Discharge and Bottom Ring
    IMM’s commitment ensures meticulous crafting and refurbishment for optimal functionality, longevity, and efficiency in hydroelectric power generation.
  • Wicket gates, links and levers
    Precision manufacturing and rehabilitation by IMM contribute to the smooth operation and control of water flow within hydroelectric turbines.
  • Servomotors and connecting arms
    IMM’s skilled team excels in manufacturing and refurbishment, ensuring hydroelectric plants operate with utmost accuracy and responsiveness.
  • Shafts, Pins and Bushings
    IMM’s proficiency ensures the structural integrity and seamless functionality of fundamental components, contributing to the longevity of hydro machinery.
  • Gate hoists (i.e. drums, shafts, gearboxes)
    IMM’s expertise extends to manufacturing and rehabilitating gate hoist components, tailored for enhanced efficiency and reliability of gate control mechanisms.
  • Intake gate wheel rolls assemblies
    IMM’s specialized approach ensures optimal performance, contributing to the seamless and efficient functioning of hydroelectric intake systems.
  • Draft tube & Bifurication
    IMM’s commitment to excellence encompasses the manufacturing and rehabilitation of components crucial for optimizing water flow and energy extraction in hydro turbines.