IMM has a long history in underground mining and has been supplying parts and services throughout North America for decades. IMM has recently manufactured, assembled, and run-tested two 911 miners. The equipment was designed and built in partnership with our customer to assure the design was manufactured, and functioned, as intended. All components such as track pads, gearboxes, frames, and rotor arms were manufactured and assembled at IMM. These miners were disassembled and shipped underground to a local Saskatchewan mine. We continue to supply and service all miner components and parts across North America. We have set up repairable spare programs with customers for components like the main rotor gearbox, rotor arms, and trackpads ensuring downtime is minimized on major or minor repairs.

  • Fabrication and assembly of Borer Miner components
  • Complete miner gearbox rebuilds
  • Miner components manufacture & repair
  • Trackpad supplier
  • Conveyance parts and repairs
  • Scoop tram rebuilds and repairs
  • Dewatering pump repairs
  • Machinery repairs
  • Support potash, coal, trona, salt mines


IMM has been an industry leader in the service, repair, custom design and the manufacturing of decanter and pusher centrifuges since 1962. What sets IMM apart from competition is their willingness to work with their customers to meet their requirements. Whether their customers are looking for a rebuild or a complete new centrifuge, our design and manufacturing teams will discuss every option available for you in this process in an effort to keep moisture levels to a minimum.

If customers require a standard or custom made centrifuge, IMM will work with their customers to determine how the equipment can best suit their needs. IMM will incorporate those ideas and solutions into their next overhaul or new fabrication.

IMM is continuously evaluating and improving their design and manufacturing processes to increase operational time before maintenance of component replacement.IMM offers many choices of wear products and will work with you to manufacture a custom made centrifuge to suit your purpose.

We welcome customers to visit and review their units that are in the process of being built or rebuilt within our facility.


IMM’s design and manufacturing teams are ready to help you with all of your power/fluid transfer needs for the new build, rebuild, and repair of units. Our highly skilled teams have worked on a variety of gearbox and pump sizes, and in addition to that, they are able to provide the following services:
  • Mechanical disassembly, assessment and assembly

  • Ability to provide all manufacturing requirements of machining & fabrication under one roof

  • Surface preparation and coatings to specification


IMM completes the new builds, rebuilds and repair of compactor rolls complete compactor units, as well as all related components. 

  • Manufacture and rebuild all sizes of AC and WC Rolls
  • Water cooled conversions available
  • Hard Surfacing (Hard facing)
  • Corrugated, chicklet and briquette profiles
  • Projects from roll rebuilding to the manufacture of a complete compaction unit and all related components

View more information on our surface solutions


IMM completes the new builds, rebuilds and repair of compactor rolls complete compactor units, as well as all related components. 

  • Rebuild, repair and manufacturing of U-Joints up to 700 HP
  • Allows up to 8 degrees of misalignment
  • Custom applications available
  • Compactor drive U-Joint shown


  • Ball mills and jaw crushers
  • Impaction hammers
  • Manufacturing new or reclaiming sizes on the crusher shafts
  • Engineering and manufacturing of common wear items