Site Service & Maintenance

IMM has highly skilled and knowledgeable workers whose expertise is matched by their passion for serving our clients. From inception of all programs, IMM’s professionals work with their customer to ensure that all specific requirements are met and/or exceeded. Consultations and recommendations are provided in an effort to keep production rolling for you. Most importantly, our team is backed by an ISNET, COR, and CWB certifications, with a strong focus on safety first. When you put safety first, productivity and quality will follow suit.


  • Portable CMM Faro equipment capable of alignments, inspections, scanning and reverse engineering with the latest Polyworks and Inventor software
  • Delivery & Commissioning
  • On-Site Machining & Welding
  • Equipment Inspection & Assessment
  • Consultations and Recommendations
  • Mechanical Repairs
  • Magnetic Particle Inspection- CGSB Level II Technician 
For more information, please view our IMM On Site Portfolio