Rollin’….rollin’ With Compactor Rolls

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    31 July, 2017
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IMM offers new builds, rebuilds and custom builds of Compactor Rolls to match the customers requirements.

Rollin’….rollin’ With Compactor Rolls

The Need

Reliable and timely refurbishment of compactor roll repairable spares.

Our Experience

  • 60 + years in the potash industry
  • Experience with multiple sizes of rolls ranging from 12” to 36” diameter and beyond
  • Experience refurbishing both water cooled and standard compactor roll styles
  • Experience with multiple brand names, such as Allis Chalmers, Ludman and Koeppern

Our Advantage

  • Ceramic Coating repair of the journals, seals and water jackets
    • Increased wearability
    • Ceramic Thermal Coating Process is unique to IMM
  • Opportunity for on site storage and inventory management customized to individual potash site warehousing
  • Offer full inspection reporting based upon the needs of the buyer and maintenance team

IMM Offers the Following Solutions

  • Build new and design to customer’s requirements.
  • Identification Tracking
  • Delivery System- Personal delivery truck to assist in expiditing
  • Shops are separated by trade to avoid cross contamination
  • Different compaction face profiles (Corrugated, Chevron, Chicklets)
  • Thermal Coating alternatives

Related Capabilities

When required, IMM is capable of complete compactor roll rebuilds including assembly of the housings and gearboxes.

Photo above: Two compactor rolls sitting inside the compactor roll housing.

Partnering for Success

As part of IMM’s motto “Partnering for Success”, our focus is to work together with our customer to develop a long term repairable spare program. Our goal is to improve longevity of components and minimize mill downtime.

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