Industrial Machine is now a signatory to the Sask Chamber of Commerce (SCC) Indigenous Engagement Charter (IEC). The IEC will aid in increasing engagement and connection between the province’s indigenous and non indigenous businesses.

SCC director of Indigenous engagement Nick Crighton says “The indigenous population in Saskatchewan is the youngest and fastest growing population”, and businesses, like Industrial Machine have the opportunity to begin creating inclusive hiring policies that will lead to attracting, recruiting and retaining indigenous people.

Now that Industrial Machine has become a signatory to the Indigenous Engagement Charter, we are furthering our commitment to the following:

• Having an integral Indigenous engagement strategy;

• Educating our workplace on Indigenous history and culture;

• Human resource practices that attract, hire and retain more Indigenous workers;

• Procurement practices, actions and partnerships;

• Relationships and support to Indigenous communities through community involvement; and

• Providing clear annual reporting of actions undertaken in the Indigenous Engagement Charter Program.

In return, Industrial Machine will be provided with the following resources to assist us in accomplishing our strategies:

• Directory of Indigenous-owned businesses to facilitate procurement and partnerships;

• Hiring resources – skilled worker directories, hiring best practices;

• Training opportunities – list of trainers and online tools to train staff;

• Assistance with Indigenous strategy – including sample elements, key performance indicators; and

• Measurement – provide easy to use online tracking tools to confirm the businesses commitment to the charter program and to measure its success and progress against its peers.

We are honored, excited and enthusiastic about the future of Industrial Machine. For more information on the Indigenous Engagement Charter, please view further details: