The goal was $50,000.

President/CEO of Industrial Machine & Mfg. Inc., Tom Foster was invited to be a participant in the 2022 Rescue on the Prairie Fundraiser for STARS Air Ambulance. Now, having just wrapped up a major 3 MILLION dollar fundraising project for STARS Air Ambulance, we thought…why not keep it going? So, as one fundraiser closed…we jumped right into another one.

What is Rescue on the Prairie? 

Each participant is required to raise $50,000 or more in support of STARS. Participants are only rescued once they have reached or exceeded that goal.  The participants are equipped with a cell phone and have access to friends and family for moral support in the form of donations.

A group of brave community leaders will trade in their business attire for flight suits, and climb onboard the STARS helicopter for a unique mission. Each participant will compete to raise as much money as possible to earn a flight back to civilization, using the only tool they’ll have – their cell phones.

The intrepid participants will undertake a variety of challenges in the prairies to help secure their escape. This type of fundraising event has raised over $2.5 MILLION for the STARS Foundation.

Funds Raised

With the support of many individuals and companies, we are EXCITED to announce that Industrial Machine & Mfg. Inc. surpassed the goal of raising $50,000 for STARS. Incredible.

What’s even better? With the completion of The Pegasus Project for STARS, and the completion of the STARS Rescue on the Prairie, we have raised in excess of over 3 MILLION for STARS Air Ambulance.

Watch the STARS Rescue on the Prairie Recap

For more information, you can visit STARS Rescue on the Prairie // Pegasus Project for STARS