As we wind down to the last few days of 2019, this gives us a great opportunity to recap the year we had, improvements made to serve our customers more efficiently and effectively, and a sneak peek into what’s to come in 2020.


Here it goes.


As you may or may not know, Industrial Machine has been growing continuously over the past few years, which brings us more opportunities and a chance to continue this growth. Earlier this year, we expanded another 10,000 square feet to move our small turning department along with our sales, estimating, innovation and marketing departments. This expansion allowed us to make better use of space for all of our departments, as well as an enhanced customer experience, enhanced QA area, a larger space for our Mechanical team for assemblies, disassemblies and inspections. Along with those adjustments, we moved our sales, estimating, marketing and innovations team over to the newer office spaces, which opened up offices in the main area. As our goal is to be more customer focused, we are continuously working towards a better experience for our customers, our team and our site visitors.


In 2019 alone, we hired an additional 46 team members in various departments including: mechanical, machining, welding & fabricating as well as a new General Manager and Sales & Business Development Manager. These additions will significantly assist and support our individual departments and will create a smoother work flow, which in return will allow projects to flow more efficiently through our facility.


We had many successful projects come and go through our doors which always involves a large amount of communication, an experienced team, and a process that works to provide a smooth work flow. Of course, we are always improving our processes and we are always enthusiastic about ongoing training and certifications. Just as the saying goes “The day you stop learning is the day you stop growing”.


With a growing team and a growing facility, comes a growing fleet of machines. Industrial Machine has procured various machines this year with innovation and cutting edge all in mind. All of these decisions are in a strong effort to provide an enhanced customer experience, increased services, innovative solutions, and shorter lead times.


While 2018 proved to be an excellent year for being nominated in various categories and winning a few prestigious awards, 2019 was a great year as well as we were nominated for various awards such as: Safe Employer Award, and Export Award. Industrial Machine was the award winner for the 2019 NSBA Safe Employer Award Category. This award, to us, means that our Safety program is not only working, but flourishing. Industrial Machine continues to be COR, ISO and CWB compliant, which includes updated certifications.


All of these improvements and additions can be solely attributed to our customers and partners. Our customers and partners are the reason why we keep searching for ways to be innovative, cutting edge and solution based. We look forward to continuing these partnerships, enhancing our customers experience, and serving you more efficiently and effectively in 2020 and in the years to come.


So, what’s in store for 2020 and how can we top 2019? We have followed a common theme throughout this post. Growth. We will have a huge announcement to make in the new year…if that’s not enough of a hint, perhaps will we leave you with this. “Here we Grow Again”


On behalf of everyone at Industrial Machine, we wish you health, happiness and many blessings in 2020.